Bol Chantant Tibétain Thérapeutique 27cm


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Spécifications et informations complémentaires

Info >> 2000g – 27cm

Guarantee >>

You have a 30-day guarantee * anyway, so you never leave yourself with a bowl that doesn’t suit you!

* Note that return shipping costs apply if you choose to return the bowl.


“The Sound of the Tibetan bowl is the sound of OM”

Therapeutic Grade Tibetan Bowl

Sound Massage | Care | Meditation. |. Spiritual Awakening


A bowl predestined to work on the second chakra (emotions) and Solar Plexus (Fears and lack of self-confidence) by its weight and its deep and sustained vibration.

Easy to blackmail (rubbed edge), it lends itself very well to meditation and sound massage.


  • Weight:  about 2000g
  • Diameter:  between 26 and 28cm
  • Hand crafted
  • Tested and validated by me
  • Includes:  Mallet and cushion
  • Cushion color:  variable
  • Provide a punching mallet  (not supplied) – I order it here –

Individually tested and validated

Buying a Tibetan bowl on the Internet is not easy!

To remove any uncertainty  about the sound and quality of the bowl, I take the time to test myself every bowl I receive and ship!

In this way,  you are guaranteed to receive a quality bowl ready for therapeutic practice , sound massage and meditation.

My selection criteria are precise and rigorous:

  • Playability
  • Aspect
  • Tonal balance
  • Quality and length of vibration
  • Harmonic richness

30 day warranty

You benefit from a 30 day guarantee * anyway  so that you never leave you with a bowl that does not suit you!

* Note that return shipping costs apply if you choose to return the bowl.

Delivery delay

The delivery time is approximately 8 working days

Poids2 kg


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